Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's a......!


Sooooooo excited to have yet another sweet little baby girl in our family!  If you asked me what I wanted this time around I would have said girl so when the doctor said "You're having a girl!" I couldn't have been more thrilled!  As I thought more about this yesterday it made me even more excited to have another daughter.  One thing my mom said when I was pregnant with Keira and is something I hadn't really thought of is that daughters hang onto their relationship with their mom for life.  Yes, that's there with your son's as well, but they grow up and have their own families and it's just different and not as close (not always, but typical).  While I hope to always be super involved with Kellen's life and have a close relationship with him, I know it will be different with my two girls.  I'll get to do the wedding thing twice, and the prom thing twice, and then help them take care of them when they have THEIR babies!  This just thrills me knowing that I get to get all Keira's old baby clothes and use them again!!!!! (well, the ones she didn't puke all over and ruin with her insane amount of spit up)

So excited to see more of what our family will look like.  I have two girls and a boy!  I couldn't be more thrilled!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!