Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nearing the End

I'm 6 weeks out from the end of my second pregnancy.  And I do have to say I'm definitely ready to be finished with the whole "pregnant" part!  I was out running errands this morning with Keira and it's getting harder and harder to carry her let alone be in and out of the car seat and walking through stores and digging in my purse for things.  It's cause she's still little and while she can walk next to me, it takes 3 times as long to get where we're going when we do that.  :)  Yes, it won't be much easier to carry the car seat AND Keira but at least I'll be able to set the car seat down.  Anyways...I'm just ready to be done and hold my baby boy in my arms!

This pregnancy hasn't been much different than the first.  I think one of the things that is different is that I'm carrying our little guy much lower than I did with Keira.  I felt her all the time up in my ribs and I haven't felt that once with him.  I feel a ton of pressure on my pelvic bone and the doctor told me last week that it's because his head is so, so low already so he's resting comfortably on my bones.  :)  Last night I could barely walk without serious pain.  Even when I was laying down I just felt pressure.  He moves a lot more than I feel like Keira did.  There is constant movement in my stomach and I want to cherish it because that is what I would consider the best part of being pregnant.  I also get a ton more braxton hicks with this guy than with Keira.  And they are painful!  I literally have to stop moving and breathe through them.  I don't remember them hurting that much with Keira.

We still don't have much set for this guy's room.  Actually...all we have is the bedding, crib and clothes.  Which I suppose is all you need at the beginning.  But I'm a planner.  And not feeling ready stresses me out.  We're moving Keira downstairs (which I am dreading!!) Halloween weekend so once she's out of her room we can start getting his room set up and ready.  Pete has to paint it and then we'll get everything set up.  I'll post pictures once everything is ready.  A friend is throwing me a shower the first weekend of November which I am thoroughly grateful for and was not expecting at all so I'm taking Keira this afternoon to register at Babies r Us.  Not really sure what I'll put on the list, but I'm sure I can find a few things (aka - diapers, diapers, diapers!).

Well the girl is up from her nap so off to Babies R Us we go.  Maybe at the rate I post on here, next time I'll be sharing my delivery story.  :)