Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Days

Summer is well underway as we've had multiple 100 degree plus days so far.  I always said I wanted to live somewhere warm, but quite honestly, I'm not a huge fan of that degree of heat.  Unless I'm in my swimming suit at the pool, give me the air conditioning and fans.  Speaking of air conditioning...last week on one of those wonderful 100 degree plus days, our lovely air conditioner decided it wanted to take a break and quit working on us.  UGH!  This preggo mama was not a happy camper by the end of the day.  When I put Keira to bed that night our thermostat read 94 degrees.  I had a huge headache and all I wanted was the air conditioner man to get to our house STAT!!  Needless to say, it went out Sunday morning and he came Monday afternoon and Tuesday I got sick.  Who knows if it's because of the heat but I wouldn't doubt it.  I woke up with a 101 temp and was on the couch all day.  Not a fun week to say the least.  Oh well, all is good now and my house is back to a comfortable 78 degrees (yes I keep it that warm during the day).  :)

Keira and I have taken a few trips to the pool and I'm loving it.  :)  She looks so stinking cute in her little swimsuit and I feel like a beached whale with my preggo belly.  I finally broke down yesterday and bought myself a maternity swimsuit and as I look at it, I feel like I've officially moved to the "mom" swimsuit.  Hmm.  Don't know how I feel about that one.  Not feeling very cute at the pool these days that's for sure.  I suppose that's my life these days, I mean, I AM a mom of soon to be 2 kids so that puts me in a different category than the single, skinny, sexy, bikini wearing girl at the pool, right?  That's life these days and while it's not as thrilling  as strutting my stuff at the pool, I'd much rather have the life behind the "beached whale" body than that of the single, bikini girl.  I have a husband who I am desperately in love with, a daughter who I can't kiss enough and a baby on the way who I know will steal my heart the minute I meet him or her.  Life is good and I am more than blessed!!  I'll take the "mom swimsuit" look over the other any day.

My sweet girl is getting so big!!  She's 14 months on Thursday and just full of life!!  Her new things these days are:
* Hearing and recognizing when airplanes fly over our house - she points to the window and looks and me and says in her own way "airplane"
* Getting scared.  This is a new one that has just started this past week.  The two things that scare her are when the fridge makes the ice and makes a funny noise and also when the door bell rings.  I have to say it's kinda cute when she gets this terrified look on her face and then runs to me.  I hate that she's scared, but she's cute while she does it.  :)
* Running.  She's quite the confident walker and gets ahead of herself sometimes and leans forward to go faster and usually ends up tripping over herself.
* Pickiness.  She's not a fan of the veggies and won't pick them up herself and eat them.  I still have to make the pureed veggies and feed them to her.  She'll usually eat them this way and I always feed them to her first when she's really hungry, but she's definitely starting to like the breads and pastas and sweets much better!  Smart girl haha!  I still haven't given her many sweets, it's usually pretzels or vanilla wafers or something like that and I want to keep it that way for the most part.
* Naps.  She's been fighting her morning nap lately which makes me think we're getting ready to transition to 1 nap.  I like the morning nap and would like a month or two more of it, but I will say yesterday she slept for a good 3 hours after not having a morning nap so that was nice.  :)
* Things she loves - books, books and more books, her shopping cart, wet washcloths (?), taking her clothes out of her drawers and walking around with them on her shoulder (?), baths, swimming, kicking in the water, cheese, yogurt, her sippys, Wrigley!

Life is going quickly and I can't believe I'm already almost 16 weeks pregnant with this second baby.  We find out July 1 what we're having (2 weeks from Friday!) and I can't wait!!  I think I'm secretly hoping for a boy, but will be so happy for a girl as well so Keira can have a sister.  The Lord knows what will be best and I completely trust His judgment.  :)  Our little peanut is growing like a weed and I'm just so thankful for BOTH of our kids.  :)  God is GOOD!!!