Friday, September 24, 2010


It's been almost a month since I've written last.  Not a ton has happened but I still feel the need to keep up with my blogging so I don't get too far behind.  :)

A few weeks ago over Labor Day weekend Ben, Stacy, Jake & Skye came to visit.  They haven't seen Keira yet so it was so fun to have them visit.  Whenever I hear friends talk about how they don't like their inlaws or husbands family, I'm so grateful that I can honestly say that I LOVE my second family!!  They really are second family.  I got so blessed to get another set of amazing parents and Pete's brother and sister, their spouses and kids are so much fun to be around.  I definitely look forward to spending holidays with them.  Thank you Jesus!!  Here are some pictures from the weekend...check out how much Keira looks like Skye as a baby!!

Jake & Keira

Skye & Keira

Stacy & Keira

Skye at 4 months...crazy how much they look alike!!

September 20th (last Monday) was Pete and I's 2 year anniversary.  It was wonderful!  The Thursday before my mom surprised me and showed up at our door and was staying through Monday.  It was so great to have her here and so fun for her to see Keira.  Saturday night we left Keira with Grandma and Pete and I left for a night away.  This was the longest time I've been without her since she's been born and it was great!  Yes, I missed her like crazy, but it was so great to just focus on Pete.  Even at home or after she's gone to bed, there is still the monitor that is on or her little face watching us as she plays in her exersaucer.  While she doesn't always require a ton of attention, it was nice to shift my focus completely to my husband.  He got us a hotel and we left around 3 on Saturday.  We swam in the pool and hot tub, went to dinner at On the Border, walked around the mall for a bit, went to Party City, got ice cream at Marble Slab and then went to the cheap theater to see the third Twilight movie.  Sunday morning we slept in and got McDonalds for breakfast and watched 500 Days of Summer in bed.  :)  It was so relaxing and just made me once again realize how in love with that man I really am!  I'm so lucky!!  And knowing that Keira was in great hands made it all the better!!  It was a perfect anniversary!  (Oh and on our actual anniversary he got me a dozen roses and made a wonderful dinner.)  I mean, who wouldn't love this man....????
mmmm....that's hotness!!  :)

Keira is quickly approaching 6 months which just blows me away!!  She's well on her way to sitting on her own and has been talking up a storm lately.  It's so fun to watch her learn different sounds and do funny things with her mouth.  She's been curling her tongue lately which just cracks me up!  She is SUCH a joy and I am so enjoying this stage!!  She's starting to be aware of where I am...whether I'm there or not.  Whenever a stranger comes up to her or holds her, she immediately looks for me to see that I'm still there and what I think about this new person.  I love being her security.  I also fed her cereal when my mom was here.  She just loved it!!  Although, since she's such a spitter...I'm not so much looking forward to the green and orange and colored spit up once she starts eating things that aren't white in color haha.  Her spitting has toned down a bit though so hopefully that will just continue and we'll be good.