Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lord be blessed

I'm a few weeks into my new thirty-one business and I'm totally loving it!!  As I think about it, I think it's kinda funny because I was totally never a big fan of these types of things, but now that I'm doing it...I've realized it's perfect for me.  :)  I love people and I love parties.  Seriously, and my JOB is to work with both of those things!!  And the fact that I'm selling fun girly things is even better!!!  I would consider myself a fairly motivated person so I've set up my "office" downstairs and have gotten supplies and organized my files.  I literally feel like I have a little work place in my own house.  It's AWESOME!  :)  I'm just so anxious to get started with having the parties and figuring out how to actually place orders and get that all to work.  I love thinking of ways to give hosting incentives and challenging myself to be creative.

I was watching an online training video the other night and had Keira on my lap.  As I sat there in my sweats with my daughter on my lap and I was "working", I thought to myself...this is what I want to do!  I have always for as long as I can remember wanted to stay home with my babies and now that I'm doing it, I can't imagine going back to work full time.  I absolutely love that I don't dread Monday morning or have a sinking feeling in my gut Sunday afternoon knowing that the work week is starting all over again.  Every day is the same and I just absolutely LOVE it!!

Now with this business, when Keira's napping, I can keep myself busy and give myself something to work towards.  I've got 7 parties booked through October and am hoping to get at least 5 more between now and when we go home the second week of October.

For the first time since we've moved to Kansas, I finally feel like this is something I am just loving doing and want to really pursue.  Again, I laugh at myself when I read that sentence knowing what it's about cause I never thought I'd be saying that about doing in-home parties...but I am.  I feel like the Lord has given me this door and I've walked through and now there are so many opportunities to go from here.  And with that...he's allowing me to ultimately do what I've dreamed of doing...being a mom and raising my kids.

With that said, my prayer lately and my requests to those who have asked (or to some who haven't) is that I would be successful at this.  I feel weird even writing that and saying it but I want to be successful not for the money in any way shape or form.  I want to be successful so that I will be able to make this a full time thing and I won't have to do any other part time job as well.  I'm still signed up to substitute teach and I'm willing to do that, but I really don't want to.  I'm asking the Lord to provide parties and hostesses so that I will be able to continue to stay home with Keira.

At the beginning of each party I will give God the glory and tell the girls there why I'm doing what I'm doing.  I'm trusting that He'll provide in ways I've never imagined.  Through this new journey, my hope is that the Lord will be blessed!!

This is my theme verse for my new ministry/job and my verse for this next year of my life:
Jeremiah 33:9 - Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


About a month or so ago, I had an interview for a part time office job at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.  While the job seemed like it would be great and all, I was really praying that God would make it clear to me as to whether that was the road He wanted me to go or not.  Well....I came home from the interview and cried 4 times that afternoon.  Not cause it went bad or anything, it was actually a great interview and the lady who I met with was wonderful.  I cried because the thought of going back to an office knowing my baby was home with someone else was heart breaking to me.  I couldn't stand the thought of it and as I sat at my kitchen counter, I realized I had my answer.  I was praying and as I asked the Lord if that wasn't it, what was?  I looked down and there was a little business card from a lady who was a Scentsy Candle rep.  They do in home parties selling candles.  Like most of those parties offer you can "work at home, spend more time with the people you love and make as much money as you'd want to".  Anyways, I read that and I thought maybe I could do that.  All that to didn't sign up with Scentsy Candles.  But I did sign up with a company called thirty-one.  I had heard of it a few times but never really looked at what they had to offer.  After much thought and prayer, I decided to do it.

Now let me say that I've never been a huge fan of these types of parties and now that I'm actually a rep for one of them surprises even me.  However, my perspective going into it is if it works, awesome.  If not, no big deal.  I'm not committing to specific hours on specific days and I have to be there or I'm fired.  And that flexibility of this job makes it worth a try.  My desire is to stay home with my girl and if this makes it more possible, then I'm all in.

With that said, I've gotten my start up box and I've been pleasantly surprised with the product.  I thought it was just bags but they offer everything from purses, wallets, stationary, coasters, totes, luggage, garment bags, cosmetic bags, etc.  And everything can be embroidered.  Anyways, the catalog is awesome and offers a TON of options.  I like it because it can appeal to every woman...age 15 or age 50.  We all carry purses or bags or totes and so why not make them cute.

I've always been the party planner so it's actually kinda fun for me to throw parties for my "job".  :)  And I would consider myself a highly motivated person so thinking of new ways to get contacts is actually fun for me.  I don't want to ever be perceived as the pushy "have a party?!?!" person so I don't want to ever pressure someone to have a party.  But that is how I will be successful so I'm just praying and hoping that the product sells itself and people are interested.

I've completely committed this ministry/job to the Lord. That night that I had the interview I was having a quiet time and I read Jeremiah 33:9 - "Then this city will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth that hear of all the good things I do for it; and they will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for it." When I considered the idea of being one of these consultants and was asking God about it, I told him that if it did work out, that before every party I would, like the verse says, bring Him joy, praise and honor.  I'm trusting Him to provide the "good things" and "abundant prosperity and peace" because of it.

So with that said, I now own my own business?!?!  Weird to even say that.  :)  I'm looking for people to host parties and while I may not come right out and ask you, let me know if you're interested or would even just like to order something.  The website is and you can view the whole catalog online.  Again, I don't want to be that pushy party person, but if you're interested, just let me know.

It's all for God's glory and to spend as much time as I possibly can with the cutest little 4 month old baby girl.  Come on....wouldn't you want to look at this face all day long too????  :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To lose a child....

Keira's down for a nap and I've been just drinking my coffee and reading and reflecting while I have a few minutes.  As I sat on my couch, I was asking the Lord to teach me through Keira.  As a child of God and now being a parent, I am seeing in a new way the love that God has for us as our Father.  Ever since Keira was born, I randomly get these horrid thoughts of things happening to her or her getting hurt.  I hate when I get them and immediately have to ask God to take them away because if I think about them for too long, it scares me to death.  I don't know where they come from, but I hate it when I get them.  I think it's shown me how deep my love for my daughter is even just 4 months into her precious life.  Pete is going to a funeral today of a student and asked me the other day if I would rather lose a child when they were very young, knowing that they would go to heaven, or lose them when they were older, having been able to live life with them, but also potentially not knowing if they would be in Heaven if they didn't choose Christ.  I literally couldn't even think too long about that question because the thought of losing Keira right now makes me sick to my stomach.  In the last 4 months, I've just seen how she is so apart of me and that little girl has worked herself into the core of my heart.

Anyways, all that to say, as I sat on the couch, I was wondering what God thinks when He loses a child.  When one of his children die without having chosen Christ, I can imagine it breaks his heart!!  He has formed us and made us from his own image and created us to live a life with the fullness of Christ, but when we choose otherwise.....  I've just been thinking about this student that died and while He once lived for Christ, the last few years of his life (from what I've been told), he rejected Christ and walked his own path...and now his life has been taken from him.  I can't even conceive of having to go through that as a parent.  Even writing this right now and thinking of that happening puts a terrible knot in my heart and a sick feeling in my stomach.

My job as Christ's ambassador is to share with others God's love for them.  I know Jesus and the power of his death and resurrection and God needs me to be a tangible voice for Him to others who don't know.  I don't want to ever lose a child and I know that He doesn't either.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Already??

I can't believe that it's already the middle of August. Seriously, where did the summer go?? I will say though that I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the ridiculous heat to go away. There was a heat warning for yesterday and today because temperatures might get from 109-112 degrees!! And that's the actual temperature...not the heat index!! Seriously, COME on!!! Our air conditioner can't keep up with the heat so by 5 pm our house is well over 80 degrees and it's so stinking hot even inside. I never thought I would say that I was tired of the heat, but I'm looking forward to fall and when I can walk outside and be comfortable. :)

Okay well that was just me venting a little bit. I feel a little trapped inside my house cause I don't want to even take Keira outside in that heat, but I am thankful that we have air conditioning and that summer does last longer than winter...even if there's a few months that it's unbearable. Like I've always said, I'd rather be hot than cold so for that I'm thankful!!

My little girl is quickly approaching 4 months old!! It has gone so fast!! I feel like I was just telling Pete I'm 4 months pregnant. And actually, I just looked at my calendar and realized that it was one year ago TODAY that we found out we were pregnant!! That is so crazy and exciting! Wow!! I remember that day like it was yesterday!! I was working and in the afternoon I felt super nauseous. I never feel nauseous and was 4 days late. I came home, made dinner and Pete and I were laying on the couch and I still felt sick to my stomach. I was scared to death to take a test because I didn't want it to be negative again (I had convinced myself I was pregnant the month before and it was negative twice). I finally gave in to take the test and when it say "pregnant" I started immediately bawling and couldn't believe it. I kept saying "I'm going to throw up" haha. I think that was partially the nausea and partially the unbelief that we were actually going to have a baby. Wow. This day one year ago changed our lives!!! Amazing!! And now we have a 4 month old precious little girl that I can't imagine living without! Thank you Jesus for this sweet miracle of life you've given us!!!!

I'm having so much fun with Keira these days. She's giggling so much and just all grins all the time! She's getting so much more coordinated with her hands and reaching and grabbing things. Yesterday I was watching her on her playmat and was convinced she was going to roll herself over. It didn't happen but I'm sure it's coming soon. It's such a cool thing to watch her make little connections. She's found her toes as well and I just love watching her look at her little piggies with awe and curiousness. Everything is so new to her and I love it!! However, with that said, she's getting a little antsy when she eats these days because the butterfly mobile or the stuffed animals or the light in the window are far more interesting that eating....that's boring!! :) I literally have to put a blanket over her (which she doesn't like and tries to pull it off) or distract her so she's facing the right direction if you know what I mean. :) I can imagine it's only going to get more difficult to convince her that eating is more important than staring at the pink bunny haha. :)

Since my last post, we make yet another trek home. This time it was completely spontaneous. Sunday night Pete was talking to his parents on the phone and they said they had gotten a ton of flooding at their house. Pete offered to come home and help them out and so at 5 am the next morning, we packed the car up once again and headed back to Chicago. Yeah!! Jamie had just had her baby so I was so anxious to get home and see her so it just worked out perfectly. We surprised Jamie and Brandon and little Elyse at the hospital and it was so much fun seeing them and their new little baby girl. The cousins met for the first time!! We stayed in Freeport for a few nights and then I met up with my mom and we went back down to Bloomington and stayed at Jamie's for a few nights. I love being home and am missing my family more and more these days. I think the new babies make me want to be home and have them grow up together and be close to grandma and grandpa. :) But for now, God has us in Kansas and so I am trying to be content and make sure that I'm doing what He's called us to do while we're here.

Here are a few highlight pictures from the last month or so...

My two favorite people in the whole world!!!!

Keira's started using her exersaucer. She loves it and it gives me a few minutes to get some things done while she's happy. :)

My sweet girl!! This is how we hang out a lot during the day. Close to mommy yet hands free!!

My Grandma was just THRILLED to meet Keira. I loved that she got to see her.

Keira's first time swimming. :)

Keira and Elyse...they love each other already! (sorry I couldn't get it to rotate)

Proud Grandma and Grandpa with their two new grandbabies.

Pete's grandma and grandpa got to see Keira when we were in Freeport

The surprise visit to Jamie in the hospital

Yeah for the cousins!! Keira's a biiiittt bigger than Elyse haha. :)