Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yet another new chapter

I'm onto yet another new chapter in life. My nanny job was short lived being that Wendy got laid off at work which in turn, means that I got laid off. It was perfect timing though cause I already had another job lined up even before I was finished there. I had a week off and then started about 2 1/2 months ago at the Kansas District Office of Assemblies of God. As I thought about the job, it excited me to get back into what I was so familiar work. The people have been wonderful and I have really enjoyed so far getting to know the whole "denomination" thing. I knew nothing about the AG denomination so it's definitely been a learning process. I will say that it's cool seeing all the different churches come together. That's definitely a different thing that Christ Community didn't have. We functioned within ourselves and not a ton with other churches. It's different that what I'm used to but it's neat.

We had to read these two books for our staff meeting called "Now, Discover Your Strengths" and the other called "Wild Goose Chase". I really enjoyed each of them and they made me think a lot. I really believe that if people are working within their giftings than they will be happy and "successful". According to the online test, my giftings are maximizer, communication, includer, connectedness and harmony ( They seem to be mostly right on. My heart and passion is still with students though. I find myself feeling the most "satisfied" when I'm working with middle and high school students. They are just right at that age when they are getting it and they (for the most part) want to hear any truth spoken into their lives. We have a great group of students at Asbury and now that we've been there about a year, I'm really developing some good relationships with the kids there.

Summer has been fun so far. Last weekend we went up to the lake with Lance & Hollie, Jason & Becca and Brie & Ryan. I love doing couples things and am so thankful for the friends that God has given me here. That was a prayer I had prayed before I left and the Lord has just totally answered it. I still miss my friends from home so much though. Leslie and Jerusalem were supposed to come this weekend but now aren't able to. I was so excited to have them come see my new world and show them the oh so exciting...Wichita (sense my sarcasm??). But really, Kansas isn't a place that people often, or rarely ever, vacation to so I was so happy to get to see them and spend the weekend with them. Hopefully it will work out sometime soon I suppose.

Pete's at middle school camp this week so it's me and Wrigley at home. Last night I let him sleep with me and I just love when he cuddles up to me. He gets as close as he can possibly get to me when he sleeps at night. It's often a pain and wakes me up, but I love cuddling with him. :) He's not as good as cuddling with my husband, but he will have to do while Pete's gone. We head to SEMP in two weeks with 9 students. I'm so excited to get into Chicago and show the students where I went to school and all around the city. I do miss the city life so much! Wichita just isn't cutting it for long term. It seems that people who live here have lived her their whole lives and I can see why. It's the type of home town "city" that feels country. There are lots of old people who have never lived anywhere else. As much as I am enjoying my life right now, I am pretty sure that we won't be here forever.

On a different note, we're now trying to have a baby! It's been about 1 1/2 months since I've been off birth control and it's just a waiting game now. It's exciting and I just keep praying that God would bring us a baby at the right time. I'm so ready to be a mom. I've wanted this since I was 13. It's hard to believe that it's a possibility finally. God is good!

Well, that's the update. It's been awhile but things are still going well. God's stretching us and challenging us and encouraging us now more than ever as we are 9 months into our first year of marriage. I can't imagine being anywhere else and am loving the adventure of Kansas living!!! :)