Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And we have a tooth folks.

It finally came through!  Keira's been teething for many weeks now and I could tell that just recently it was really hurting her.  All of a sudden she hasn't been taking the bottle anymore and her sudden interest in her paci (not to suck...just to chew on) had definitely picked up.  She's been more fussy than normal and I just had a feeling that it was going to poke it's way through her gums any day now.  I kept feeling around and yesterday morning I felt some bumps of the top of a tooth and today I for sure felt it and could even see the surface of it (when she would let me get a glance in her mouth).  Finally!  Except that's just one of many yet to come!!  :)

I think we've finally made it through the time change.  It didn't take too long and I think she's finally adjusted to the new schedule.  We're still working our way back up to 7:00 bedtime but the last 3 mornings she has slept in until 7:40 or so...yesterday she woke up at 8!  Yeah!!  Being the schedule freak I am, I was nervous about it and felt like we finally had things down...and then it all changes!  I suppose that's how it is with babies though and I just need to make the adjustments and loosen up a bit.

On a side note...don't you just want to EAT up these thighs!!  Oh how I love my girl!!!