Friday, August 15, 2008

it's about that time

So I've been packing up my bedroom today. Boxes are everywhere and my life just seems quite disorganized. It's a surreal feeling that I know has not hit me yet. I have two weeks left at church and then I'm moving into our new home. Pete has been working like a mad man trying to get it ready for me. I love that about him...he wants to make me happy and does everything in his power to do so. I tangibly see the evidence of his love for me and it's so fulfilling!! I think it's going to hit me once I am getting in the car after our honeymoon to drive back "home". I'm thankful that our house will be all set up by then and Lord willing, I will have a job to go back and jump right into. As I continue to think about that new aspect of my life in Kansas, I continually hear the Lord tell me, "Julie, I'm taking you to Wichita, I'm going to provide you with a job." Seriously...I've felt that many times over which gives me confidence that He will lead me to the right people and the right ministry to be apart of. I guess the pressure's on to find a job because I know that we now have a mortgage to pay and I need to help with that.

I'm ready to begin my life with Pete on a day to day basis. Our entire relationship has been "long distance" and I'm excited for what life will be like when I wake up to him and go to sleep next to him. I've been waiting for that day my entire life and now it's just a short 5 weeks away.

I'm anxious for what ministry is going to look like in Wichita. I know what Pete has told me, but I'm excited to get into it myself. I fully trust that there are girls there that need me. And I want to go into it with that perspective. I've been praying for them already and trust that the Lord will lead me to them. I'm going to be leading the freshman girls and I can't wait to just pour my life into them.

There are so many things to think about these days....moving, packing, details of changing my address and all that comes with relocating, ending my job, wedding plans and details, leaving my friends and family, leaving my job, finding a new job, learning what marriage will be like, etc. This summer has been the busiest yet and to be honest, I'm nervous that I'll go from crazy busy to not very busy once I get there...and that will just make me miss home. I'm thankful that I have Pete and that we're doing this together. He will be a big blessing in all this transition. God is good and I'm excited for my "new life" that is coming soon!!!!