Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank the LORD for cooler weather!

This summer has been tortuous!!  I never thought I would ever want summer to be over.  Growing up I always said I wanted to move somewhere that it was hot and nice weather all the time...but I gotta tell ya...this summer was rough.  Kansas weather is beautiful in the spring and fall and definitely not as cold as Chicago winters, but summer is HOT!!  This summer was especially bad as it was the hottest summer since 1936!!

"September 1, 2011

2011 is officially the hottest year in Wichita's history.

The temperature reached 100 degrees late this morning, marking the 51st day Wichita's temperature has reached or exceeded 100 degrees this summer. That breaks the old mark set in 1936.

KAKEland Meteorologist Ben Pringle said the temperature should climb above 100 on Friday."

Why oh why did I pick THIS summer to be pregnant???  I told Pete the other day now that it's finally starting to cool down (and by cool I mean 80 degrees) that I feel like Keira and I have been locked in a cage for the last few months and I'm finally getting to breath fresh air!  We literally didn't do walks, no zoo, no park.  This preggo mama couldn't take it when I would take 3 steps my eyeballs felt like they were crisping over and starting to melt.  All I wanted was to lay on my cool leather couch with a fan and the air conditioning blowing on me.

Soooo....with that said, now that it's nicer out, we've been spending out much needed time outside!  Keira has learned that outside has much more to offer than the upstairs of our house and so frequently goes to the sliding door and tries to open it and looks at me and says in her own 17 month old way "Mama outside?"  And with it now 80 degrees outside instead of 113, I'm much more willing to say "LET'S GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!"  :)

In other areas, I'm feeling good with this pregnancy.  28 weeks tomorrow which is just crazy to think.  It's gone much faster than it did with Keira which I'm so thankful for.  I'm much more active and and busy rather than just waiting in the anticipation of what having my first baby will be like.  I'm getting anxious to meet our little guy and excited to have a boy!!  That's new territory that I feel like I know nothing about.  Growing up with 3 sisters and having a girl first, I feel like I know nothing about raising boys or how they work.  I guess I'll find out soon enough right??  :)

A week and a half ago was a big marker in my life - I turned 30!  Crazy!  I feel like I'm officially in a different "class" of "adult" now.  30 sounds so much older than 29 and I will admit for maybe the first time, I really do feel older.  I'm thankful for where I'm at in my life.  I suppose it's exactly where I thought I'd be when I turned 30 - I have a husband, a house, 1.5 kids, a life of my's all so great!!  I'm thankful where God has me and I couldn't imagine it any different!!  My actual day was great!  It was a Friday so Pete had off which I was so thankful for.  My Best Buy gift card I earned from Thirty-One came a day early (that was the LORD!) so on my actual birthday morning, we got to go on a $1,600 shopping spree!!!  Awesome!!  We ate at Chili's the night before, I got free Starbucks that morning and then Chipotle for lunch....mmmmm.  :)  We had a bunch of friends over that night for a BBQ which was lots of fun.  The day couldn't have been any better!  Now to start this next decade of life hoping and praying that God does great things in our lives!!

Here are some recent pics from life lately...

My first picture with my new camera - thank you Thirty-One!  Also the first picture in my 30's.  :)

My birthday BBQ

The guys

Keira enjoying our new TV...on her perch with the fingers in her mouth.  :)

Swimming on Labor Day weekend with the cousins

Family photo

Enjoying family time!!  Love them!!

Mommy & Keira

Ahhhh....nice weather finally!!

Keira has found my bracelet drawer in the bathroom.  I wonder how many times we pick these up during the day??

mmm Coldstone

Found her just playing in the bathtub one morning.

Trip to the zoo

This is where Keira "relieves" herself each morning.  :)