Thursday, November 17, 2011

38 weeks.

Today marks the 2 week countdown (give or take).  38 weeks.  (holy smokes I look massive!!  it literally looks like someone stuffed a basketball under my shirt....yikes)

Wow this went fast.  As I sit here typing, I'm feeling our little guy shifting and moving around in my stomach - watching my tummy rumble and jumble.  I can just picture his little behind sticking out as I see it protruding heavily on my left side.  I just want to squeeze it!!!  :)  Not too much longer of this until I get to actually hold him and kiss his sweet cheeks!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

We finally got around to getting his room ready and I feel so much better now that I have somewhere to put all the things we've already accumulated for him.  Here's a few pictures of the "moving Keira out and moving out little man in" process:

I hunted for a crib for fooooorrrreeeevvveeerrrrr!  I knew I wanted an espresso colored one but didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for it.  We ended up getting this one at Baby Depot for $119.  It was a floor model and had a little ding in the right leg so they took $50 off...nice.  I found a changing table on craigslist for $50 and we added some brown knobs and everything else has been on sale or super cheap. I think total we've spent about $250 on the entire nursery set so far.  Now we just need this little guy to get here so I can start using everything.  :)

Overall I'm feeling pretty good, all things considered.  I can't complain.  I'm definitely uncomfortable and ready to be done with the whole pregnancy thing but I really do have great pregnancies.  Just ready to move onto the baby part.

Keira is keeping me on my toes these days and as tired as I get some days, I just love this stage she's in!  She's learning and talking and communicating and everything else to keep us entertained!  Halloween was fun as we took her trick or treating for the first time.  She was a little kangaroo and looked so stinking cute!!

I'm trying to find new ways to keep her entertained while we're at the house as it's starting to get a little cooler and is just going to keep moving in that direction.  I remember my mom used to let us play at the sink when we were little so the other morning we gave it a try and she loved it!!  Granted we were both soaked at the end of her hour long water play session, but she had a blast and it kept her entertained!

She's also had a few daytime baths purely for entertainment.  And who can blame her...swimming in November?!?!  Sounds like fun to me!  :)

And this last one is just cause we have such a cute little girl!  :)  She was thoroughly enjoying her dinner and who can blame her - chocolate pudding??  My baby is getting so big!!!!!