Thursday, January 7, 2010

SHE's growing like a weed... :)

So I know I said I'd post right after we found out what we're having...but who am I kidding. I pretty much suck at this blogging thing, as much as I want to be consistent, I'm not. With that said, we're having a GIRL! :) I was SOOOOOO wrong because I was just absolutely convinced that it was a boy. When the lady told us it was a girl, I had her go back and check again because I didn't believe her and I needed to know that she was absolutely for certain. It took me a day or two to adjust and start thinking "she" in my mind instead of "he" but once I got used to the idea of having a little girl, I am just thrilled and can't wait!!

Once we found out what we were having, it was like I felt like I could finally start thinking specifically with the things we needed. So far I have the stroller, car seat, changing table/dresser, crib, glider, breast pump and my most recent purchase, a swing. I think I'm doing pretty well with staying on top of the purchasing. It's been spread out so we didn't have all the huge expenses at once. I think I'm good for now and will not buy anything else and see what I get at my showers. I have two showers scheduled and I'm thinking one more on top of that. Between all those people, I think we'll have everything we need and more to be efficient parents. :)
I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow and I'm definitely feeling this little girl moving all around these days. It's getting to be the point where it's more than just a kick or a punch here or there, I feel all of her shifting and moving quite frequently. It's the most amazing feeling ever!! My favorite is when I can put my hand on my stomach and feel her head (or butt?). It's just so incredible to me to think that our little baby is inside me. I just wish so bad I could see what she looks like inside me. I'm getting so anxious to meet her and see what she looks like. Here some of my favorite pictures from our sonogram. This is all I have to base her looks off of but I'm pretty sure she's going to be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. :)

I love how in the second one she's trying to suck her thumb. It's super cute but I'm going to have to kick that habit really quick so we can do all we can to avoid the braces expense later on down the road. :)
We started to paint the nursery and get it all ready. Pete's done once again an incredible job painting and I'm getting excited to put everything all together and get it set up. He's putting the second coat on the changing table tomorrow and then we're going to clean the carpets and set it all up hopefully on Saturday. Here's a picture of what the walls look like. I just love it!!

It's crazy to think that it's just getting closer and closer. The reality of having a baby in our home is becoming more real. April will come sooner than I think. Our family is going to Florida for a vacation the first week of February and then I'm flying home again at the end of February for a shower so once that's will almost be time!! We still haven't decided on a name. We have a list of about 8-10 that we're still "discussing" so hopefully we'll decide soon. Pete's most recent name for her is Corn Bread. Um yeah. Sometimes he says things that I just have no clue where he pulls them from. Needless to say our little girl will NOT be named Corn Bread. :) I think once we do decide we're going to keep it a secret until she's born. We don't have one picked out yet but it's already so hard to keep that a secret. I want to ask everyone's opinion's and see what they think. It will be fun to announce what her name is though when she's born so I'll just have to keep my mouth shut for a few more months. :)

I'll end this post with my latest belly picture. This was taken at 23 1/2 weeks.