Friday, August 31, 2012

summer lovin

And so our journey continues.  It's been about a month here in Kentucky and we are feeling settled and into our routine.  Thankfully my parents have a great set up where we have the entire upstairs (3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a living area).  We have our own space and it's been great.  I love having my mom and dad around all the time and it's been awhile since we've spent this much time together!  With that said....I'm also itching to get out to California.  My sister flew out with Elyse a week ago and has been telling us how the whole moving process is going.  It's hard, but they are getting there, and will be settled very soon.

I've always known this but it's just being reiterated right now...I love change, but hate transition.  I like knowing that things are where they are going to be and I can invest in where I'm at.  Right now I feel like we're just "floating" here in KY so it's hard for me to put effort into doing things well, because I know that we'll be leaving soon.  I can't let myself think that way because I don't want to waste this time.  I have these thoughts in my head that this time is in a sense wasted time not being established....but I can't and don't want to think that way.  I want to take advantage of this time and use it to the greatest ability.  Pete has been gone for almost 2 weeks (which has absolutely SUCKED!) but a good thing is that I've been able to spend almost every night working on things in my business that I haven't had time for before.  I've gotten more organized and followed up with a ton of people and done things that I don't think I would have done had he been home.

The kids have been great.  I just had Kellen's 9 month check up today and he's in the 21st percentile for weight and the 2nd percentile for height!!  GAhhhh!  haha.  Keira on the other hand is in the 92nd for weight and the 96th for height!!!  Keira is going to tower over Kellen!!!  We'll see how it turns out but it's just funny to think about.  I love those little kids with every ounce of my being!!

Kellen turned 9 months old yesterday and is just a little HAM!  He is the sweetest thing ever.  If he's watching you and you give him a smile or say something to him, he'll smile a big huge smile back and then tilt his head to the side in like a little bashful way.  It is the sweetest thing ever!  The best is when he does it and just cuddles into me.  Melts my heart to the ground!!  He is a ridiculously picky eater which is frustrating but yet kinda funny (I'm sure won't be funny once he's older....takes after his daddy!).  He WILL not eat something if he doesn't like it.  Mouth closed and face turned away.  I've discovered he likes pasta so if I can get a noodle in his mouth I can cover it with the good stuff (broccoli, cauliflower, squash, etc.) and he'll eat it....but give it to him plain, it's a no go.  I have to get creative because Keira has always been a good eater.  I absolutely love, love, love having a little boy and he has completely stolen my heart and better be a mama's boy till the day he dies.  He's got his daddy's head, forehead, hairline, ears and lips and then my eyes and nose.  Just thinking about him makes my heart warm.  We're blessed with an amazing little guy!  My prayer for him is he would grow to be a leader who leads people to Jesus with wisdom, boldness and courage.

Keira is on her way to 2 1/2 and is definitely in the "2's" phase.  I am so head over heals for that girl.  When she looks at me and just grins or says "Jesus book" "Jesus book" "Jesus book" or dances around the room or gives Kellen kisses and hugs or sings a song in her carseat....I am so smitten for my little girl!!  It is so much fun now that she's talking more and has her own personality.  She loves her daddy and is most definitely a "daddy's girl".  She loves to dance, take walks, go to the park, go down the slides, read books, kiss and hug "bubba boy" (as she calls Kellen!)....she's a busy bee but just so. much. fun.  I seriously don't want her to grow up and just stay this innocent and sweet forever!