Sunday, July 4, 2010

First holiday

It's been awhile since I've posted because the computer we were using at home (Pete's computer from college...) finally had it's last day. The hard drive died on our way home from Chicago and so we've been computerless for the last month or so. It's amazing how much you realize that you use a computer, until you're without one!!! My parents knew we needed a computer so they gave us their old powerbook. Let's just say it's good to be back on a Mac!! :)

I'm anxious to get back to my blog cause I feel like I've already missed writing about Keira's new moments. :)Yesterday was July 4th and it's her very first holiday (well besides Memorial Day). Cyndi gave us a super cute dress for the holiday before she was born and so it was fitting that she wore it to church. :)
We are back home for the second time in the last month. Yeah!! It's so good to be back and my schedule is packed as always. It's great to see family and friends and I really don't even feel like I've left. I'm so thankful for them!! I got to go to Christ Community and saw so many people. We were literally the last ones out of the auditorium haha. Everyone wanted to see the babe and I just loved showing her off. :) We spent the evening with the Muellers (like we do for many holidays!) and cooked out and then went to the fireworks. Keira slept through it all!

Speaking of Keira sleeping...she slept for 13 hours last night straight! She's doing AWESOME with the whole sleeping at night thing!! I put her down at 6:45 (she was exhausted from so many people yesterday) and she didn't wake up until almost 8 am this morning. Granted...I was extremely uncomfortable by 8 am but I was so thankful for a full night's sleep. She's done that 5 times this week so I'm thinking that it's going to be a regular thing from now on (hopefully!!).

Keira's started cooing so much just in the last day. She's had a few coo's this past week but just today and yesterday it's like she's hearing her own voice and realizing that she's making noises. It is the most amazing sound!! :) I could listen to her little voice talk to me for hours!!! I made this video when we were in the car earlier today. The end of it sums up my life these days haha. Watch it and you'll understand...

One thing I noticed her doing last week is starting to reach for things. She's not too coordinated yet but I will put her in her bouncy chair on the kitchen table and I hang a toy from the kitchen light to just in front of her. She stares at it intently and moves her arms all around. She'll hit the doll when she does, she'll smile really big and do it again. It's been SO cool watching the learning process take place in her little mind. It's like I'm seeing her make the connections that she can move her arms and when she does so, she hits the doll. It's amazing and such an incredible thing to see her process through the littlest things that we take for granted every day.

If I wasn't able to be home with her right now, I don't know that I'd be noticing all these little things. I wouldn't want to miss them for the world!!! Staying home with my baby is better than I could ever have imagined...I dread going back to work eventually and having to leave her for the day. I know it will be good and I'm sure once I get into the swing of things, I'll be thankful...but for now, I just want to soak up every minute I can get with her!! I'm thankful for this summer and that God has provided for us and given me the chance to be with her! What a blessing!!